What do you use the Project Browser for?

Just curious?
I’ve only used it a few times long ago and then forgot all about it.
Googling ’ site:http://www.steinberg.net/forum/ “project browser” ’ gave me 4 hits …
RTFMing was not revealing any hidden powers, just confirming what you get after half an hour of poking around.

Anybody who “can’t live without it”?
Maybe it’s great and I just can’t see the light?
So … show some love for this little feature!
What do you use it for? :slight_smile:

I had to look it up in the manual to find out what it is. So I guess I’m curious now too… :sunglasses:

Same :slight_smile:

Never used it.
Should I?

Cheers, Matze!

I think I tried it… some time ago… and never found any use for it?

I’m sure if they remove it, a couple of years from now we’ll see a returning Cubase user up in arms 'cause they removed the one thing he couldn’t do without. :wink:

Same here as well: Looked at it, poked around, but never used.

Having said that, as Bredo mentions, it’s probably essential for those working with huge projects.

Can’t imagine it will be deleted from Cubase. There are so many features in Cubase to meet a wide range of needs.

If you only record/mix audio, then it could be a matter of “Who needs this MIDI stuff anyway?” or whatever.
(I do mostly MIDI :mrgreen: )