What do you use

What virtual strum (rhythm) guitar do you use with iMac OSX 10.6.7 and Cubase 6? I need one and don’t know
what to get. Can’t get answers and have tried Sam Ash also. If it will work I will buy it. Thanks guys!!!

I quite like this, not sure if it’s what you mean though:

Hi Strophold, Thanks for the input. I’m kinda looking for something similar to Virtual Guitarist and
don’t know one from the other. Any input is and education for me.

I would not recommend using any virtual guitar VSTi.

Better to have a real guitarist do the part(s) for you. There are plenty of 'em around here … you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen or two. Just ask. :sunglasses:

swamptone— Thanks for your input. Great idea getting a “real guitarist” however that doesn’t help me when
I’m alone and trying to get a rhythm. Besides who would want to hang around with an old guy. Those days are gone for me for good. I just stay home and fiddle around now. Virtual is the only way I can go. I don’t play clubs any
longer, just create on Cubase. I’m not a kid any longer —72 years old

Strophold-- I did download the Rob Papen Demo synth and I do like it -----Thanks again.

Jack - get down to your nearest blues pub/club night and meet a dozen guys around your age. You don’t have to be alone! :wink:

Total respect :stuck_out_tongue:

A lot of 70 year olds cant even work a remote let alone Cubase :ugeek:

Well gee thank’s for that Split :frowning:

I’m 64 and can run Cubase just fine, but programming a remote to work 3 TV’s gets a little testy sometimes :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: yeah sorry, that kind of reads bad :blush:

Paul Bryce said

I’m 64 and can run Cubase just fine, but programming a remote to work 3 TV’s gets a little testy sometimes > :laughing:

I’m 62 in a couple of weeks and i agree that remote control programming seems to be beyond our generation, but I have a fix for that - my 14-year-old son! :laughing:

Yeah, but he struggles getting the child-proof top off his Geritol bottle. :mrgreen:

You be quiet Birthday Boy, you’re getting older too now :yfj: :mrgreen:

Yeah, but even if you kicked the bucket today, it’d still take me 19 yrs. to catch up to you. :wink: :mrgreen:


64 - 19 = 45 :mrgreen:

Holy Mackeral! He can subtract! With a name like Split, I thought sure he could only divide. :wink:

Out of respect for that Old guy John who can’t sing , I’ll refrain from hijacking his thread any more :mrgreen:

+1 :mrgreen:

You guy’s are something else-----I used to be something else too.

So what virtual guitar do you use?

You could always download a virtual dancing girl with music, choose the tempo that’s right and away you go, play & sing along with her :question:

Now–that sounds like a plan!!!