What does "1/1#" mean for a note length in the Drum Editor? (Cubase 11 Pro)

When I set the note insert length to anything shorter than 1/8 the last digit is replaced by #, e.g., “1/1#” for 1/16" (see attached).
What does this mean? The width of the field it allows is much shorter in the drum editor than the key Editor but if it can fit a “#” it could fit a digit. And anyway there is plenty of spare empty real-estate on the Toolbar so they could easily have it auto-size. As a software engineer I could show them how for a modest fee :sunglasses: . But seriously, what causes this and how do I fix it?

After posting this I decided it might be hard to see it at this scale so I made an enlarged section . . .


This means, there is a bug in Cubase. Are you on Mac or Windows, please? What screen resolution? Do you use HiDPI, any scaling?

What Cubase version exactly do you run, please?

Windows 10. Cubase Pro 11.0.30 Build 419, Screen resolution is3840 x 2160; HiDPI is enabled.

I used to be a design engineer for an EU medical products company that had a diagnostic product that was huge, with millions of lines of code, and lots and lots of screens and all kinds of user-customisation. - a lot like a DAW. Also we released it in 9 different languages, including two Asian languages and Russian, so the average engineer couldn’t read it and easily see errors.

So we had an automated test suite with its own staff to maintain and update it. All the software changes for a given day had to be submitted by 8PM. The build itself took two hours. And the “short” version of the suite ran overnight for 8 hours, so a bug report would be available when we came to work in the morning. The “long” version ran over the weekend. But very few bugs ever got past that test suite. Steinberg should be doing something like that.

What was the cost of their products? What was their margin on those products? Is the daw market one where a malfunction could lead to a dangerous health issue?

Back on topic – what does the menu look like when opened?


If I select 1/32 it says “1/3#”, etc.

I can repro.

I’m sure this just indicates there is not enough room to display the entire field. Not a bug.

Edit, well, I suppose if there’s a bug it’s that the field itself is too small horizontally, and or the size the program tells itself it is is wrong.

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Does it do the same with 1/64?
2 in hex is 23 and # is 32… if you set it to 1/6 and it says 1/6C then that’s the bug… probably.


Yes, it’s the same for any 2 (or more) digits value after the slash: 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, 1/128.

Btw, it’s correct in the Key Editor and List Editor.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.