What Does A Nuendo Project Do With Mismatched Video Frame Ra


If Nuendo 5.5 (with the latest Video Engine Update) is set to a Project Frame Rate of 24fps and a Video is imported which has a Frame Rate of 23.976 a warning appears on the video clip in the TimeLine (yay!). (the computer is running off internal sync)

However,video playback is still possible … my question is whether Nuendo is actually playing the Video more quickly (ie a 23.976 clip at 24fps)? If I change the project frame rate to 60fps , it clearly doesn’t play the video at 60fps…

Or does Nuendo play the Video at the video’s native frame rate no matter what … and the warning is just informative to avoid Time code mismatches?



i suspect that the engine plays back at the native frame rate. i’m rather jealous that you’re using n5.5 (or is it a typo?)

Thanks for the reply … I suspect that’s what happens too … just wondering.

And yes a typo … 5.1.1 here. Don’t want to start a rumour! :wink: Just got mixed up with Cubase 5.5 which I also use at home…



Open up the project settings & use the option “Get Timecode from Video”…