What does cubasis 3 need to be PRO

  1. Choke feature
  2. Audio warp
  3. Stop mixing down (only) to stereo
  4. Transient detector
  5. Updating sampler to be efficient is to much time consuming.
  6. Workflow smoother for example move slider instead of pushing button when you want to hear the effect.
  7. Sound library is weak, I need to see better quality samples and loops.
  8. Transition effects for combining to 2 audio tracks
  9. Making use of intelligent audio clips
  10. Build in effects to isolate or Clean vocals And audio.
  11. Vari audio/auto tune
    Just to name a few…

64 bit audio engine.
32 bit resolution
Aux track/fader
Pitch correction (not auto tune)

keyboard/trackpad support/shortcuts

Second Display Support to use the iPad for the mixing console and the second screen for the project window

Musical and Linear mode.
Info bar
Marker track
chord track
more time signatures