What does grey or white mean underneath the channel name?

So I’m looking at my mixer window and right near the bottom, underneath each channel name there is a small rectangle with displays the track number. For most of my tracks the rectangular area is grey, but sometimes for one or two tracks it goes white. This is also accompanied by a white vertical line towards the left of the track name in the project window. What do these mean? Can’t find this in the manuals.


if you click to the right on the white or grey lines on the bottom it enables track colouring and white as standard is audio and grey is for midi !

regards john

It means the white ones are selected / connected by / with a remote control device grey ones are not…

Thanks for that; yes you are right. In my setup all the tracks that are currently assigned faders on my EuPhonixs control surfaces are white and those that aren’t are grey.

Brilliant; it’s nice to sort out these little niggles!

Only problem is… the white selection makes it impossible to see the track type symbol (in the middle of the channel between the track number and color box) because they are also white! DOH!

I would love a way to disable this white selection or change its color…