What does the cross hair cursor do (in score)?

I upgraded from C7 to C9.5 and see that a four-headed arrow cursor shows up at times (in the score editor) - I have not idea when/why. Why is this better or different than the single arrow cursor? Any way to disable it?


What tool is selected in the Score Editor? The cursor changes based on the selected tool in Cubase.

The arrow cursor tool.

Do you have the latest update installed?

Is the cursor like this for the whole time or does it appear just sometimes?

Just sometimes.I start out with that arrow cursor, and then when I click (perhaps next to certain things like a dynamics symbol or something… - it seems kind of random when it happens) it sometimes automatically changes to the four pointed arrow.


I remember, there was a bug, depending on the window hidden below the cursor might change. But I was thinking this bug has been fixed already.

I do have several windows open. And it seems to happen in the key editor window too. Any thought on how to address it?

Anyone know how to turn off that four-headed-arrow cursor (that shows up when you hover over the Ruler, in the Main Project Window)?


You can’t disable this cursor. The cursor informs you, you can use all 4 directions to place the cursor or zoom in/out. Be aware the ruler is divided to the upper and lower half. In one of them you don’t get this cross-cursor because the zoom is not available there.