What does the Key Command "Paste by name" do?

It’s all in the subject line actually …

I just stumbled over it while checking something out in the Key Command Edtiro and got curious.

Is “Paste by name” the same command that escaped from Nuendo a couple of years ago but have no real code in Cubase?

Maybe just give it a try & see?

Yeah, I’ve already tried me being ne haha! I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t really know what to copy into the clipboard to “paste by name” to begin with so I tried with two MIDI parts with different names. Looks just like a regular CTRL+V paste but something is obviously missing in my method! :smiley:

The command is only useful for transferring parts from one project to another.
If You have another project open with the same track names as in the source project, the parts will be pasted to the destination tracks with the same name.
Command was once created for a famous Hollywood composer …

Werner Kracht


Heeey! That’s some real information!

And it actually works as long as you keep Track(!) of the first Track you are copying from making sure it also is the selected Track in the target Project even if the rest of the Tracks are out of order and intertwined with other unrelated Tracks. Way cool!

And I’ve been developing this habit for other reasons to name my Tracks conforming to some rules which makes sense in my little head. Now I have some plans for sharing stuff between Projects. This will definitely extend the time before the brain goes numb! Thanx alot! Very good! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info, Werner… I didn’t even notice it was there! :wink:

Seems useful for orchestral templates, thanks Werner.

Anyone try it yet? Is the command applied to a whole project, or just at the track level?

Yup, I just tried it. It works as as it should, pretty sweet!