What does the new license system mean for GA5; Halion6 etc?

What I am still interested in - besides the revalidation, which I also find a bit unfortunate - is:
What about the licenses for (my…) GA5, Halion 6, the other additional instrument sets and sounds whose licenses I have all on my dongle?
Will I be able to use C12, Dorico4 etc. without the dongle, but still have to rely on the dongle for Halion, GA, Sounds etc.? Or is it also planned to adapt the licenses all to the new system, even if there is no regular update for GA, Halion, Sounds, Instruments…?
That would bind me still to the dongle for a long time and the biggest advantage (2 systems with activated Cubase/Dorico…) will lead ad absurdum so long…
I hope that I could make understandable what I am about.

This info is in the licensing faq

Steinberg Licensing will be used for new products and updates to existing products as they each arrive at their next major version, but until each product has been updated to use the new Steinberg Licensing system, existing licenses will continue to use the eLicenser system during the transitional period. We expect to transition all actively-maintained products to the new Steinberg Licensing system within the next two years.

I think it said somewhere that Halion will be updated to the new licensing, just like Cubase and Dorico.
Both Cubase and Dorico have entered the grace period for the next update.

But what about Halion? Has there been any announcement about its start of a grace period?

Very strange if the other SW got it, but not Halion.
And did they say the update will be in 2022, ie Halion 7?

I cannot find this clearly anywhere.

HALion has not entered a grace period. There have been no announcements about a new version of HALion to date, but of course we will make any announcements on the forum when it is time.

Wavelab has only just released a new version - v11. Which means I’ll be potentially tied to a dongle AND reliant on repeated activation intrusions (which I’m also vehemently against) for some time if I choose to upgrade. Sell me a perpetual licence and it should imho activate once per tied machine. The tech is there but SB have seemingly chosen a different path, one that I’m not happy about at all.