what does this mean:ASIO-guard must be turned off

Just read the update information and the last point made me wonder what it really means:

“Cue mix and monitor outputs no longer produce noise when used with a
buffer size higher than 512 samples. When using a smaller buffer size,
ASIO-Guard must be turned off”

Could you guys please expand on this, what does it really mean? Does this mean that I should turn
off ASIO guard when using vst connect since my performer uses plugins and thus uses the lowest buffer size his computer processor can allow?

FWIW I’ve been leaving ASIO guard on - and I suspect it refers to the buffer on the studio side not the performer side.

so far we had no more problems with ASIO Guard, it used to be causing problems some time ago but now you should be good to go, regardless of the Performer buffer size.