What does this mean?

Dorico uses boxes called frames to position music, additional text, and graphics inside the
margins of pages. In Dorico Elements, you cannot input or edit frames, but frames on page
templates control the formatting of pages in your project.

I can add a box of text, I can add titles, etc.
What is this if not inputting a frame?

It means you don’t have access to the frame editing tools in Engrave mode, so you can’t create your own music, text or graphic frames, or create your own custom page templates.

When you add text using e.g. Shift+X you’re adding a text item, but not a text frame.

So I only have access to the default set up?

In the context of musical theater,
I would like to have a block of dialogue above a system of music.
I am using Dorico elements. Do you think it is sufficient to make this work?
I guess what I did was add a text element above the system. But I’m having trouble getting it to position on the page the way I want it to. There is overlap between the text and The music.

It seems like I could make it work if I could just increase the space between the two systems That are above and below the text.

(Apologies for the picture quality)

If it helps you visualize, here are some pages with information about pages, which you have full control of in Dorico Pro:

^ on that latter page, “master page” = “page template”