What does this symbol mean?

Hello Cubase Masters,

I have copy-pasted a midi part using alt+shift and a symbol popped up. What’s its meaning?
Screen-> http://imgur.com/ldiAVNi

Thank you.

I guess that is group editing.

It actually means that they are Shared copies :wink: (so, yes, if you edit one of them, the same edit happens in all shared copies)

So how to copy-paste avoiding SharedCopies? From top to bottom, for example.

Try the manual…?! Lots of very basic things to learn in there for you, that will make working with Cubase a lot easier…

now it works. The misunderstanding was that pressing alt it activated the cut tool.

ALT is ok! Thank you.

Easy to miss in this case…

This isn’t exactly easy to find in the online manual. I finally found it using ‘equal sign’ as the search word.

The PDF version in adobe reader finds it on page 772 using the keyword “equal sign”.

In either case, they don’t actually show an image with it. You just get a note: