What does upgrading to C6 offer a MIDI-only user?

Here http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1753 it says:

a groundbreaking approach to composing with MIDI and VST

99% of the time, I use only MIDI in Cubase (no audio tracks), so my attention was caught by the prospect of “a groundbreaking approach to composing with MIDI”.

But after searching for a while I haven’t yet found any relevant info, if I rule out:
– any new bundled VIs (which I don’t want); and
– VST Expression 2 (because I think I won’t be able to use it with non-Steinberg VIs).

There were paragraphs about the Inspector and the Key Editor being improved, but these were so brief and uninformative as to suggest that SB thought they were barely worth mentioning.

So, would anyone, please, either give a link to, or just mention in this thread, any info about any substantial changes to MIDI in C6 - excluding new VIs, Expression 2, anything in the realms of Loopmash, Groove Agent, drum replacement, etc, and anything that requires VST3 or above (which doesn’t seem to be on the horizon outside SB’s products)?

grid mapping in the project views will rock.
I don’t see anything that is of significance to external MIDI gear users. I’ve had the same problem in coming to terms with what Steinberg means by the word “MIDI”. It typically is talking about controlling VSTi. Which to those of us with a room full of MIDI gear, is not what we mean when we say “MIDI”

Can’t find that in the Operation Manual - what is it?

(BTW, I’m not using external MIDI h/w, just VIs.)

Hear, hear!! Please pay some more attention to midi implementation not just for VSTi’s.

I’m sure grid mapping will be most useful, looking forward to that one. I guess that term comes from PT where they call the tempo map the grid…


sorry man, don’t have it with me … But, it should be listed in the section on setting the snap on the project page. I don’t recall exactly where off the top of my head. But, all it really did is make the snap grid show the beat quantize lines.


Maybe a lil more info here:


  • MIDI learn

  • CC’s in key editor more directly accessible

  • MIDI dynamics

To name a few, I’m sure there would be more, and those work with the MIDI specification

When can I buy it is the question.