What exactly does '1.10 octave' mean

This has been in the name of Timpani (No Keysig) for as long as I can remember. What does it mean?

It is describing the default range of the instrument: 1 octave and 10 half-steps (semitones).

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That’s what I guessed. But I tried both instruments with the HSSE+HSO template and they both play from low C to middle F, an octave + 5 semitones. (Of course the GM Timpani patch will play any note.) I suppose this is the limitation of the HALion samples, rather than the instrument definition.

Instrument definitions in Dorico do not map onto the capabilities of any specific sound library or virtual instrument.

I guess my real point of confusion is the key signature version is "2.0’ octave.

I examined the instruments.xml file in the application package, and found:

  • on the 1.10 instrument, low C & C♯ show in dark red (below that, bright red)
  • on the “2-octave” instrument with key sigs, any notes below low D show in bright red
    (which doesn’t make as much sense, but whatever)

At least now I understand that the names are intended to be about the range for display purposes.