what feature shoud i use?

I have an accapella I would like to use in a remix…but it seems to speed up and change tempo in parts…what would I use to fix the tempo to a steady bpm so it dosent move…

Thanks in advance

So I presume that the Project itself contains tempo changes?
And the “a cappella” is a single audio clip?
Anyways, go to the Audio Pool, and deactivate “Musical Mode” for that audio clip.

If the “a cappella” is made up of more than one clip, you will also need to change its audio track from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (so that each clip’s start is locked in time rather than locked to bars/beats).

Hi Vic

yes its a full one track accapella.

i was trying to use the tempo detection tool this sync’s up the track with cubase but after that i get stuck as to how to make it all stay the same?

the pella is smooth criminal by the way.


Ah!.. "Audio menu>“Bounce Selection”?

Hi vic

I had a go with bounce selection.
Still no joy :frowning: I never realy use many features for quantizing audio before im so lost in it.?

I thought it would be pretty easy to do this I whatch a video about audio warp by Steinberg on you tube he does what im trying to do in seconds,i followed it to the tee but still no luck?

Write a step-by-step of what you are wanting to achieve (as precisely as possible), followed by a step-by-step of exactly how you are trying to do it.
Let’s see if we can spot the step at which it is going wrong :wink:.

ok bud here goes

first of i import the accapella
then make sure the tempo is fixed and musical mode is off
the i use the tempo detection this syncs up the song with the click for a few bars then their is a chamge of tempo and it goes out
i leave the track how it is.
then where its in time on a down beat i add a 4/4 sig
the first few bars are still in time but where it has the slight tempo change it goes out.
then i use the set definition from tempo in Audio > Advanced this makes no diffrence.

i have looked at the warp tool to fix changes this with some time spent i could get it to stay pretty tight.

but when i make a part in midi lets say bass at the part what is in time with the click its perfect but as their are slight changes in time when i paste it further along the track it goes slightly out.

my aim was to get the track as in time as possible so it would stay at a steady beat of say 120 and stick to that,

i presumed that i could warp or quantize the audio then if i wanted it to be 160 it all would change to that and stay in sync?

the video i saw on youtube he has a recording session not done to a click and he manages to sync the whole track up perfectly…then changes tempo as he pleases…

hears the video if you watch from 4:11 onwards thats what im trying to achieve


hope i havent confused you its kinda hard to explain what im doing??? :question:

alls i have ever used cubase for is tracking guitars and vox bass using sup drummer 2 and ez drummer
but realy want to learn more about its features and what it can realy do.


You need to Tempo Map the piece with Warp Tabs in order to get it to follow a striaght tempo or allow MIDI to follow the free tempo.

can i do this manualy with the warp tool or can it be done by cubase?

i like the sound of letting cubase follow the free tempo how is this done?


Do you mean that the auto tempo detection is failing part way through the audio clip, or is the tempo change after the end of the clip?
If the former, then the actual content of the audio clip may not be lending itself to accurate tempo detection.
You need to get the tempo to match the audio, before moving on to further steps.
So if Auto Tempo Detection isn’t working for you, forget about it, and use some other method (as suggested by mashedmitten).
There are two “manual” methods (check them both out in the documentation)…
(btw, you make things a bit easier if you have placed the audio clip such that its first downbeat corresponds with a downbeat in Cubase)
a) The TimeWarp tool…
This effectively moves Cubase’s grid lines without affecting what you actually hear
b) “Merge Tempo from Tapping”…
This method is preferable if there aren’t always clearly-audible beats in the audio clip.
The idea is to “tap along” with the music, playing a MIDI instrument with a click-type sound, tapping out the individual beats (you can specify whether you tap once per beat, or just once per bar, for example. The former will give more accurate results. Also, you can edit that tapping (same as for any other MIDI recording) until you are happy with it.
So long as Musical Mode (for the clip, in the Pool) is deactivated, and the tracks in the Project window are set to Linear Timebase, you can then use the function “Merge Tempo from Tapping”.

Check that the metronome is playing nicely along with the audio clip.

What do you want to do next?
a) Copy that (with its tempo fluctuations) to other parts in the Project?..
Set Left Locator to the beginning of the clip, and Right Locator to the end of the clip, then go to Edit menu>Range Global Copy (that will make sure that the Tempo Track is included in the copy), set the Play cursor to the desired location, then Paste.

or b) "flatten the tempo to, say, a fixed 120 BPM?..
Once you are happy with the Tempo Map, you can now follow the remainder of the instructions in that YouTube video…

  1. Audio menu>Advanced>“Set Definition from Tempo”
  2. That should have also activated Musical Mode for that clip in the Audio Pool (but verify anyways :wink: )
  3. Tracks back to Musical Mode
  4. Go to the Tempo Track (either the dedicated Tempo Track Editor window, or the Tempo Track in the Project window, if you had created it), and delete all the varying tempo nodes.

Do you mean that the auto tempo detection is failing part way through the audio clip, or is the tempo change after the end of the clip?

yes this is the problem thankyou for taking the time to type out such a well explained guid how to do this im going straight back to have a look into it.

looks quite easy when i read through what your saying but i know what will happen when i actualy try and do it…ha ha

well thats the whole point of doing this its just to learn more about cubase.

thankyou so much

It in time now guys thanks for your help great advise.


Wow - that one tip is worth it’s weight in gold … didn’t know about that one … thanks, vic_france!