What files are necessary for local HD transfer?


I just had another session on my project again. Afterwards my performer once again put the whole performer folder on google drive for me to access.
It felt a bit unnecessary to do this, because this folder is pretty big now that we have had so many sessions on this project. All the old files are already imported so I really just need the new files. Is it possible for my performer to just send me the newly recorded files, and the new performer project, and then I can name a folder myself to the current name of my project, and then use this to import the newly recorded files?

What are the exact files that are needed? The performer project ends with .xml, am I right? at the same location is also a -xml.bak file, I assume this is an auto-save from the very last. Or what is it? Is it needed, if I want to use the version of the project that I saved myself, and not the back-up?`

thanks for any help!

you need the entire folder with the name that you saved the Cubase project. So when you saved as “mysong” while connected, the folder was renamed to that at the Performers end and you should find it inside the Performer folder. Just point “Get local HD files” there.

I am not sure you understood me correctly. When you write “the entire folder” do you mean specifically that the folder has to contain all the files that the performer project assumes to be there, or else you get an error mistake which is not possible to get past?

Because I want to know if it is okay if that folder only contains the files that were recorded during our last session, and not the ones that were recorded earlier that I already have imported?

And here is another twist on this topic: Would it be okay if I ask my performer to, prior to our next session, delete all the files that are in his audio folder (leaving the actual audio folder intact, and ofcourse also the performer project file) and as we start our next session the only files that will be there at the end of THAT session will be the files that were recorded during that session? I mean I am happy that vst connect recognizes that that project has been worked on before, because it immediatly sets up the channels like they were before, even though my project has been updated, and even the name has changed, that is a good thing. So I want to keep the vst performer project file, where I assume that information is.

Maybe it’s best to explain how it works: the xml file contains all information about the project from the moment it has been created until the last connection closed. This obviously contains information about all audio files recorded. Note that the audio files on the Performer end are not directly usable in the Cubase project, as the beginning and lengths are different from the takes in Cubase. So when you “Get (local) HD files”, it depends on what is in the Cubase project what is beeing transferred from the related Performer project folder. I guess it should work if you delete everything from the Cubase project that is not needed and only transfer audio files from the last session (from date in audio folder). You may get error messages but it should do what you want nevertheless. However I would suggest to transfer the entire folder just in case.
Also note that we have significantly improved the “Get local HD files” with the next version so those comments relate to that. I’m pretty sure it would either just work or possibly report “Some files may be missing” or the like, but import whatever is there, and if that’s all you need you should be happy. In any case, do not alter or forget any other files residing in that folder and you should be fine.
From that perspective, your idea of deleting older audio files before starting a new session (of the same Cubase project) should work. Again there may be error reports, but that shouldn’t prevent it to work as you wanted. I would just try it: keep a backup copy just in case and then proceed as you described. Then transfer the folder and check if it works. If it does, you can delete the backup.

thanks, for the suggestion, that is a good idea.
Also, what about adding a feature where the studio side can delete the old files on the performers computer by the push of a button? AFTER the files have been imported into the project of course.

It‘s a bit tricky to delete files remotely. Once all is safe at the studio end you can advise Performer to delete the folders.

Which we have now tried, and after first glance I would say it seems to have worked perfectly. I didn’t even get an error message. all files are in, and my peformer didn’t have to upload a folder which contained files I already had. Great!

Glad to hear it worked for you, thanks for sharing!