What files should we collect & send to Palm W. if Dorico 4 crashes on macOS Monterey?

As what written in the title.

D4 completely not usable here at this moment…
…it crashes everytime at startup…

Update: Oh. It finally works.

You don’t need to send any files to Paul, you can zip them up and attach them here. The Dorico 4 folder in ~/Library/Application Support/Steinberg, the Dorico 4 AudioEngine folder in ~/Library/Preferences, and any Dorico or VST audio engine-related .ips files from ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports would be what we would need to diagnose the problems.

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Copy that. I’ll do if same irritating issue comes again.
Awesome work this time. The new audio engine sounds much better than Dorico 3.5.
I can’t believe that NotePerformer through Dorico can sound that better.