What filles are included for Mediabay for Cubase6.5

When i search with in the mediabay for files … i don’t know what mediatype files are included for Cubase6.5?
All files for the Mediabay are located in VST sound folder where within is a user folder.
I am now interested in Midi loops and i don’t not how to use the track preset, to install for Midi in Cubase (only 2 )

As i can see it now there are no MIDI loops included in Cubase, only trackpresets and audio.

Easy searching for easy mediatypes only is a hassle… i choose audi files…but get a empty search result…can i get worser than this :slight_smile: …what option or workflow i don’t follow? …it is not intuitive

Ok…i find it: choose the richt location --> VST sound …now i can choose the media types again