What folder to delete if your Dorico 3.5 keeps crashing? (not hang)

Hi everyone! I have sifted through the forum and found that people are advised to delete folders in library support and library/preferences if they experience crashing Dorico. Which ones are they? So I may safely delete?

What I’m experiencing:
crashing 2 minutes into using Dorico use.
It has happened consistently this whole week, and I just keep reopening, saving constantly, and using Dorico that way in order to soldier on my project. It’s getting out of hand. It’s like the old faithful geyser, will definitely crash every 2-5 minutes. I tried using e-licenser in different hub. This wasn’t a solution.

Any help would be great!

Go to the Help Menu, select Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting file here. Someone in the know will see it.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.1 MB)
Here it is!

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.1 MB)
Here’s another one, most recent.

Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.1 MB)
Just uninstalled and re-installed, still crashed. Here’s the latest.

It looks like something’s going wrong when trying to enable MIDI input devices. If you disconnect your MIDI input device(s) temporarily, does that seem to stabilise things for the time being?

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It does temporarily stabilize things! How do I fix it, now, knowing that was the issue? Should I open Dorico with only one midi-input to see which input is at fault?

Another thing is, I have a universal control surface (with input not enabled) while running both cubase and Dorico at the same time. Maybe that is the issue? Since Dorico and cubase are both accessing it?

Another possibility, I recently got the Apollo Twin x and that may also be to blame? I’m not sure.

I am currently using my midi keyboard with Dorico, it’s been stable so far, so that is not the culprit.

It could be a MIDI feedback loop of some kind, yes. It would definitely be a good idea to disable any MIDI input device you don’t need to use for actual note input on the Play page of Preferences.