What freebies will Santa Steinberg give us this Christmas?

Let’s face it other developers such as Native Instruments are usually quite generous - this year giving users 2 free plug ins and a coupon. What do Steinberg ever give?

vst? :wink:


Glockenspiel by any chance? :wink:

Wow - one sampled instrument instrument patch! Thanks Santa! :wink:

No chance, no upgrade discount from Artist to Pro actually…

Has anyone actually been able to download the free Glockenspiel or Guitar Harmonics?

I’ve requested them both several times but I never receive the download link via email. :unamused:

Maybe this is only offered to those users outside the US?


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I am in the U.S. and have received both…

Did you receive the activation code? You can download in the S.D.A.

I have not received anything… So I just submitted a support request.


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No problems here. You download it via the Steinberg Download Assistant

I changed email services recently and learned a bit about how spam is re-routed– I discovered that some companies don’t even deliver spam to the spam folder- I wonder if that’s part of what’s behind the email reception probs one reads here.

I submitted that support ticket a few hours ago and already received a response. Now that is pretty good customer support communication which, in general, I have received for most of my support requests.

And yes… it instructed me to use the Steinberg Download Assistant to get the free instrument packs.

If it just said that during the free instrument registration process this would not have been an issue.

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I’m in the US, and have requested the Glockenspiel. The response is that an email will be immediately sent to me.

No email has arrived yet. :confused:

Per a response from Steinberg support the download is available via the Steinberg Download Assistant. I installed it from that but… you still need an activation code to use it. I never received that in an email either so I sent another support request in. Waiting for an answer or the email. If I don’t receive the email in a few days I will try to delete the freebies as now I keep getting license errors. Oh well… :angry:

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Reporting how this was finalized for me…

Per instructions provided by Steinberg support (through a reply to my submitted support request) I downloaded and installed the free Guitar Harmonics (& Alto Glockenspiel) VSTs using the SDA (Steinberg Download Assistant). They installed with no issue but, they would not work as I needed an activation code. So I submitted another support request. Today I received an answer to that request. It listed activation codes for each of the free VSTs. Then I went into the eLicenser Control Center, clicked on “Enter Activation Code” and copied/pasted the code provided. Then I clicked on the “Download License” button. That installed the license and it is now listed in the eLCC. I also did the same procedure for the other free VST.

Now, all is good. No more warnings when I start Cubase. And the VSTs work. Done, fat, and happy. :wink:

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