What genre of house is this? [Closed]

I’ll just kick this of with saying I’m a total n00b when it comes to house music. It’s certainly not my preferred genre, listening or producing.
I have to make a track for an assignment and write an essay about it. I chose house because it’s much quicker than my usual psytrance. Especially due to my incessant need to resample everything 500 times . Because I don’t really do the whole house thing, I’m not up on all the subgenres. I could probably name 50 of them, but identifying them is a different story. Anyway, the essay’s gonna be pretty hard if I don’t know what genre I’ve produced!!

instaud io (Hopefully this works. Needed to find a site where you didn’t have to download to listen to it.)

Just to add, I know it’s a simple track. Complex production isn’t necessary, it’s more to do with harmony and such, which gets more complex later in the track.


It’s sort of electro-house (snares + claps need to be a bit edgier though, they sound a bit dated…)

Yeah it’s just not that bass-heavy stuff that’s taken over :slight_smile: And there’s a few placeholders in there for now, the drums especially. But like I said, the production and style etc. don’t matter, it’s the theory :slight_smile: