What happened in my cubase

i’m using cubase 13 pro
my cubase can read my midi signal but it doesn’t make sound(either screen keboard)

that the system telling u its getting midi…what is the track u r using actually saying?

umm… i use serum and halio sonic but they can’t read my midi signal

Ok not sure where you are up to but anytime you need to deduct what is going on, its good to know the tools, See the pic,
1.Find the midi insert section on the track inspector
2.Load a midi monitor to find out what is arriving then you can check midi channels etc are all good. Click teh ‘e’ to open the edit window

what should i do …?

that should have info coming in as you press keys…hang on are you saying you are using the keyboard on the computer not midi?

nope, i’m using midi by motu m4

Are you monitoring the input? is the orange monitor button on? Its like any daw, you def wont hear without it but I cant see on your pic

um, i don’t know why, but turning after touch off and then back on solved it.
thx bro

Weird but yeah…all good.
What I find is when you get stuck, def drill into the manual. There are a lot of good tuts on youtube as well…but some bad ones too.
Its really easy to miss stuff
All the best

If you don’t mind, may i ask how to turn on my pitch bend?
someday i off my pitch bend in cubase preference - midi -midi filter.
i want to use my pitch bend but it doesn’t send signal

what should i do to use my pitch bend? :frowning:

When you start seeing notes in the monitor…see if ptich bend is making that far as well, first

not work

There are no filters that I know of except for chase events which wont affect that. If you are seeing notes but no PB I dont think its getting to Cubase tbh

You use filters in that same insert section…there are a lot of midi tools that are in the manual under plugins

nonono i’m using pb on my keyboard (kuzweil pc2x)

ok…no idea on the hardware but its likely in the system settings…def need the manual for that baby

okay thx have a good day