What happened ti "Right Click" Edit Menu?

Can anyone tell me how to get back the “Right Click” Edit Menu? All I get now is the tools menu. I thought I saw something in preferences that allowed that. But now I can’t locate that option. Can someone point me in theright direction? Thanks.

Hello Keyplayer,
Ti right click menu is located under preferences/Edit/Tools/ untick the fourth option (right click to open tools box).

Thanks a lot. So, selecting the preference turns it off? I checked that box originally thinking that it would turn it on. This makes no sense. But thanks for helping me figure this one out! :sunglasses:

Yes, the full menu (so, vertical toolbox + export, zoom, add track, etc, menu) is when unticked.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what is on or off after you tick a box. I had similar trouble you encountered here but with the midi filter preferences (Rec and thru) for a while ! :smiley: