What happened to Alt-Click for Track Colour?

Alt click on the Track header used to pop up a colour choice - now it simply does nothing! Please can this be re-instated?!

+1 This is something I used a lot and was great for workflow. IT was wither Alt+Clock or Ctrl+Click.


Also you can’t colour lanes anymore…

Strange move???

No to mention changing colors on several tracks simultaneously can’t be done anymore…

:frowning: yeah


Just found this today… another thing i used EVERY SINGLE DAY!
+1 for the triumphant return

Check out the new key command, “Set Track/Event Color” Depending on what you have selected it will colorize parts or tracks.

hmmm. works here:
select desired tracks in arranger window (!) open color palette and choose. bing! color changed for all. same for selected parts.

It would be nice if it opened right by the mouse.

It used to be a lot quicker to right click and make the selection. Can’t understand why they took away this workflow option.

Some of the workflow changes are a step forward and some are inexplicably a step backward, like losing the right click colorizing ability. 'Tis frustrating. Hopefully they’re remedy these things in the next update.

wouldn’t hold my breath. steinberg has been very resilient in NOT going back on their designs.

hey Steinie, can we pleeeeeeeeease have alt-click to colour channels back??? this was such an amazing time saver!!!

+1. It would be great to also Alt-click on audio parts and audio events (in Audio Parts Editor) and have Coloring palette pop-up.

Steinberg, please! We love you, please love us back just a little more and make the changes we ask for! Steinberg, Logic sucks!

For me, the new color tool is great, much more forward than the old one. Sry :smiley:
It would be nice if this working on the MxiConsole too.

Alt-click on a track header does nothing now. Putting it back is a zero-cost option. It takes nothing away, but restores a function many of us preferred.

Just did a quick test and I can still color the lane events using “Colorize Selected Events”.

+1 for the return of alt+click to colorize