What happened to cautionary key signatures?

All of a sudden in version 5.1 I am missing cautionary key signatures on condensed staves. I tried turning on “show cautionary key signature” in the properties panel to no effect.

Is this a new bug?

Did you switch them on for both players? Does it make a difference?

Are the affected players holding more than one instrument? There used to be a bug involving condensing, key signatures, and doubling instruments, but I’m not sure if it’s still around in 5.1.

No, none of the players double.

I probably should have mentioned that this is an xml import from Finale. Cleaning up the score I found many local key signatures which I then deleted.

I did turn on signposts around the key changes to see if I had missed any, but none are showing up.

Good thought, but no, the key signatures are still missing.

In general this works OK, so I suspect the issue is that you’ve still got some local key signatures lurking.

I tried this on a fresh file and indeed it does work.

Here is my solution: Create new instruments, copy the music into them and delete the originals.