What Happened to Chris?!


Senior member and not Site Admin. And now I see Steinberg Service stickies popping up all over the place. What’s going on?

Yep, I noticed he lost his blue name a few days ago. I’m guessing he’s got some other job now, at Steinberg or somewhere else.
He’s not been present the past few months anyway. I hope he’s allright :slight_smile:

Expect the worst, hope for the best. :wink:

PLAN for the worst (not expect it), hope for the best…

Close this one now



Can we get Amnesty for all our banned brothers now?

They are all welcome no dongle has yet been banned :nerd:

Not exactly true, dongle users have been banned from the Forums.


No dongle (as opposed to a user) has ever been banned geddit!

You should know!

Chris is simply not working at Steinberg anymore and all the “Steinberg Service” entries were made because we had to remove Chris’ rights on the forum as well which would have looked a bit stupid on the announcements.


Chris here: everything is fine with me, but I’m not working at Steinberg anymore. Steinberg products will still be important though.

Due some technical reasons at the preparation of the new forum some years ago my forum member name “melted” a little strangely together with the forum database, and cannot be separated “that” easy.



I don’t believe you are the Chris we are talking about. The Chris we all know signed his posts:


He stopped doing that years ago in case you didn’t notice.

Good catch!

Sounds like you bay be him! If it was him, and I am not saying it is, he would be posting around 4am his time? Not…

You never know with him because he likely won’t post again for a very long time.

Best we all try and get along and look more to the future.

I have suggested many changes to lane functionality as programming tools, which might actually benefit other workflows so I hope it will be positively received.