What happened to contextual "Undo?"

Since upgrading to Cubase Pro 10, I’ve realized that the contextual Undo feature is no longer available. This is a HUGE problem.

For example, I’m used to being able to open the Key Editor and Undo MIDI changes specific to that region ONLY. So now, when I hit Undo, the software will BLINDLY (since Key Editor is open) Undo edits ANYWHERE in the project, and sometimes I don’t know where those edits were, and I lose them.

Is there a petition or bug report already in place for this? I searched but didn’t find any, but losing edits to a blind Undo operation is a MAJOR problem, IMO.

It works fine here in Cubase Pro 10.0.60.

I open key editor on a midi event, do a change.
Then i make a change in the arranger window.
If i then open up the key editor again and hit ctrl+Z Cubase will only undo the change made in the key editor and the change i made in the arranger window.
If i don’t open up the key editor again, Cubase will first undo the change in the arranger window and then on next undo it will undo the change made in the key editor.

However, if your key editor is only open in the lower zone, it will not work as the above. You need to expand the key editor to a full window.

I think that feature is gone in the latest version of Cubase, VERY annoying.

I agree. This is a HUGE problem in the latest version (I’m using 11.0.10). It turns around my whole workflow and makes things a lot more complicated.

I hope this is only a bug. If it is an intended change, it’s a huge step in the wrong direction.

@Martin.Jirsak - Could you please comment on this at your convenience? Is this a bug or the new normal for Cubase Pro? Thanks in advance.

Simply vote here :slight_smile: