What happened to having 2 sets of quantize/snap values?

What happened to having 2 sets of quantize/snap values??? One for grid and one for length. I swear this is a feature that has been removed. And it is singularly the most annoying and frustrating thing I’m forced to deal with.

Put simply, there should be a separate quantize/snap settings for grid and length. Having to constantly switch contexts while MIDI editing is an incredible waste of time.

My workaround has been to constantly hit the ‘J’ key to toggle snapping off when editing note lengths, but then turn it back on to adjust note positions. This new behavior is so frustrating as to have me strongly considering dumping Cubase for Studio One.

Not totally what you want, but while you wait for the real thing, you could try holding the CTRL key as you drag note lengths to temporarily disable snap (instead of using the ‘J’ key all the time to switch modes)… :slight_smile: