What happened to memZap

This was a new tool that Steinberg used for PR. Do anyone use it?

I don’t use it, I got used to undo zoom when I need something like that, and I rarely seem to need something like that.

It did seem like they made a big deal about a small feature though. Maybe they were talking to users of a competing daw?

maybe. I remember that I had to find it in keycommands and then assign. Tried it. Did not understand it properly.

Forgotten all about it. Whats it supposed to do ?

zap your memory I think. But I forgot the key combo. :confused:

funny that function related to memory no one can remember :mrgreen:

It is supposed to “jump” between two zoom views in the sampler editor. Why you need to jump between them…do not ask me.

Because you wouldn’t remember?

dbl post


Also interesting that it is not mentioned at all in the Operating Manual.