What happened to the 10.0.6 Update?

Did I misunderstand something? Can we expect the 10.0.6 update or has this left the building?

My 2 cents: will be delayed due to the feedback to Cubase 10.5.10

What etchell said


Maybe, but I’'m not convinced that SB are in any way influenced by feedback from this forum. I also suspect that they consider 10.5.10 a complete success… and it was …if you consider Steinberg’s usual releases

They have been rather absent from this forum this week, even considering their very slim support standards.


Acutally we are here with Cubase 10.5.12 , so I strongly disbelieve 10.5.10 is considered as “complete success”.
Most certainly internally things are getting “hot” around 10.5 and the (performance) issues.
If 10.0.60 is delayed because of outstanding issued and also due to the fact it will be the final release for v10 I can only support this approach.

9.5.50 - February 27, 2019
9.0.40 - February 22, 2018
8.5.30 - March 9, 2017
8.0.40 - May 19, 2016
7.5.40 - February 25, 2015

if 10.0.60 out, it will be a historic moment :slight_smile:

Bumping this just in case they forgot they owe us one

No reasonable to release 0.60 before summer sales. Coz everyone will go to 10.5

Not everyone will update to 10.5 My cubase support will stop with version 10. Too many things changed for change sake .Updates that take away more than they offer .It would seem they dont even test anymore before releasing .No enough is enough I am jumping off this crazy train

it seems to me that the .4 and .5 update caused more trouble and new bugs than it fixed according to this forum, and i am happy I stayed on the .3. My system doesnt even support 10.5 officially, so I do not plan to upgrade to 10.5 on my studio mac. I have 10.5 elements on a classroom imac and it works ok, but have plenty of graphical bugs.

can’t agree that 0.50 less stable then versions before. i’m at 0.50 now. And everything stable as usual, just some little bugs (ex. automation write). but others works ok

A C10 final is coming soon. Patience.

It’s like waiting for an Italian bus…

still waiting.

I guess they try not to do the 10.5 mistakes, and many of the fixes for catalina etc is for sure from 10.5 så they need to check it thoroughly. Add to that Europe has a covid-19 pandemi , people need to work differently if they can work at all.