What happened to the appearance of the events in the arrange window?

Hello dear Steinberger,

do you really have to introduce this ugly 2D trend into Cubase? The previous look looked so beautiful and now something like that. Please change that again and bring back the old look, you get a real headache from the new look. Thank you.

As I mentioned in another post, companies really should give people the option to choose. THE OLDER ONE ALREADY EXISTS, WHY REMOVE IT??? Add the new one to please the people who want it and allow the rest of the users to USE THE OLDER ONE WHICH ALREADY EXISTS!!!

Well for me its the other way round, way less headache with the new look. Much clearer.
Just add the option in the preferences and everything is fine.

Anyway something has to be done, this look is just ugly. Then Microsoft will be able to introduce Windows 3.1 again soon.

In general I prefer the older style, but don’t really care all that much either way. Suspect after living with the flat look awhile I’ll start to prefer it. It also seems like the fashion in GUIs is towards 2-D now-a-days.

However in another thread on this topic (there are a bunch) someone from Steinberg said a big reason for moving to the 2-D look was that the 3-D was starting to impact overall performance. In my book performance almost always wins over aesthetics unless something has really gone off the rails.

Agree! I must say that it does not really matter to me thaaat much, I like both designs. The new one maybe is easier to look at with a lot of tracks.
But I indeed feel a little performance boost on bigger projects now. And that convinced me even more.

I have a project with 200+ tracks and noticed immediately how much snappier the graphics are in 10.5.

Can see how even a tiny performance hit for 3-D could really accumulate for the high track count scoring community. Some of those folks make your 200 tracks seem puny.

One thing I noticed yesterday was that when I loaded new plugs in the MixConsole during playback it used to pause the audio for a moment, but now it doesn’t pause - at least on the couple of FX I was using. Perhaps the delay was caused by slower graphics ¯_(ツ)_/¯