What Happened to the Clef 8 Above/Below Notation?

I opened a score that I had created in C6.5 which included two staves–one with a bass clef where the notes are played an octave below what they are written and another with a treble clef also where the notes are played an octave below what they are written. In C6.5 both the treble and bass clef display properly with a small 8 below the clef. However, in C7 although the notes are properly transposed up an octave the clefs are missing the small 8 notation. Can anyone else reproduce this bug?

Are you saying that the staves are showing actual pitches, or that they are still transposed and the 8s are missing? That’s what it sounds like…

(I did not try this using a file that was originally in Cubase 6, The clefs are still there, and the staff presets work.)

What does it show in the Score Settings dialog?

The staves transpose properly but the 8’s are missing.

How do you reproduce it?

I mean how do you reproduce the problem? I could not. (I created 8vb/8va staves in C6, opened in C7)

I guess the project somehow got corrupted. I finally exported the project as a MIDI file, and created a new project. No more problems with the clef notation.

Great. Sometimes you have to cut your losses…