What happened to The Grand SE 3???

I checked the steinberg site to buy the licence for The Grand SE 3 because I need it “right now” to finish a record… my trial period finished and the Yamaha Grand Piano was perfect for the piano sound in one of the songs… but now I can’t find The Grand SE 3 anymore and I don’t know… the full version of The Grand seems to be a little bit too much for my needs… I mean, I love the sound of the Bösendorfer but It’s kind of a waste of money for me pay for the full VST, since I don’t use piano sounds so often…

What can I do?

It’s still there, but may be on a different page in the store.

For me, it’s on the “Cubase” page.

Thank you so much!!!

I think I miss the last part of the store page… at the bottom of the page is The Grand SE Activation code…

Let’s buy it!

Thanks again! :blush: