What happened to the labels on MIDI events?

What happened to the Labels that usually appear in the upper left hand corner of MIDI events? There used to be 2 name columns at the top of the project window to label the events. Now, there’s only one and it’s located on the track.
N7 MIDI Event_No Label.jpg
I checked preferences to see if I need to select this feature as an option. But I didn’t find anything. Can anyone tell me how to get the labels back ON the events? :confused: :question:

Apparently, ALL THE EVENT LABELS (audio and MIDI) HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED. Why? I get that if you’re on the lane of the event that you can just look at the track listing in the project window. But I need the event to be labeled as well, especially in MIDI form. Why did they remove this feature? :open_mouth: :question: :open_mouth: :question:

Hi Keyplayer,

do you mean the “Event Names”?

Best regards
Event Names.png

Yep, thanks a lot! :mrgreen: