What happened to the MIDI Score Editor?

What happened to the MIDI Score Editor? I went to the MIDI Sub-menu to select it and found it missing. :astonished:
Nuendo 7 Missing Score Editor.jpg
Where/Why did they move it? :confused:

That appears to be an installation without the NEK license.

But I purchased the NEK when I upgraded from 6.5. I specifically made that purchase because SB said that my previous NEK (which was from 4.3) wouldn’t work with N7. Does this mean that I didn’t get the full version?

Okay, I just checked my files. I do, in fact have separate receipt for N7 NEK. So, I SHOULD have the full version! If what you’re saying is accurate, then I need to contact SB to straighten this out. The Score Editor should be in that same list, right?

If you bought it online you should have an activation code in an email.