What happened to the mixer and sound?

Hi everyone,
Today i did a fresh install of Dorico SE 5 and in the mean time I updated to SE 5.0.2.
However, when I load one of the pieces that come with the program, the mixer button is greyed out, hence the mixer doe not appear and no sound plays.

Fortunately, when I make a new score, that problem does not seem to exist.
The mixer button is there, the mixer is shown like it should and the playback works normally (so far).

You might say “If it works on your own scores, what’s your problem?”, well, I am interested to hear what other people have achieved with Dorico, it could also be good to learn more about the program, and, last but not least, when you try a piece of software, especially if you would be interested to upgrade later, you expect it to work properly at least, don’t you?

By the way, I do not get any error messages.

Any advice will be most gratefully accepted.

In the Preferences, you can specify which playback template Dorico should start with. There is also one called silence. Maybe it is selected as your preference.

That what bobmusic writes is true, but the default template is only used when creating new projects or when the user actively reapplies a playback template by invoking the menu item Play > Playback Template, so that is not the case here.

@frankied , could you please load that example project where the Play button stays grey and then choose the menu item Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here? From the contained data I will be able to tell more.