What happened to the nice and clean UI?

After upgrading from Cubase 9 I still struggle with the new UI.
I’ve double checked on Mac an PC but the formerly nice user interface is now so screwed up in so many details that I consider switching to another app (after using Cubase since 1.0).
In previous releases it got better from release to release (more consistent and pixel perfect layout).
I’ve jumped a few version so I cannot tell exactly when the mess started, but in comparison to the nice Cubase 9 UI the new version look like someone puked on the screen.
Probably I’m a bit asperger, but as soon as I start up 12 I get into a very bad mood.
If I find the time and someone at Steinberg is interested I could do a lengthy screencast with all the loveless details that used to be nice and clean before.
Wrong alignments all over the place. Different margins/padding between icons/text. Flickering toggle buttons. Unavoidable scrollbars due to un-resizable areas and overflowing content. Jumping folders when clicking on them. Arrow icons with wrong center etc.
Is there not a single person at Steinberg who is taking care of these things?
It was all nice and clean and has been replaced with a broken version, probably in favor of a trendy dark theme.
Sorry for the rant, but it’s just a lot of money for such an incredible downgrade in perfectionism.

Hello fellow spectrum surfer,

I know how you feel, it took me a while to get accustomed to some changes and visual tones as well. Still struggle with some things like if there is a lot of crowded light text on dark background (export window for example).

Some of what you describe however sounds like graphical glitches that are specific to you? Getting some pictures or video/gif of what you’re talking about would be helpful. It’s too hard from just your text to understand fully.

Some devs, members and the resident problem solver @Martin.Jirsak I’m sure would gladly help you try to resolve these issues.

I have two systems, desktop main DAW workstation and a older laptop. the Win10 laptop had some problems with 10.5/11 in terms of glitchy graphics. It wasn’t until I did a clean reinstall of the entire computer OS and everything, and did a careful studied drivers install of my GFX card, and mobo drivers, etc that all glitches cleared up.

Recently, I’ve taken time to go into preferences and tweak the colours a bit, which has actually helped greatly.

Good to know that I’m not the only one! I’ll try to do a screencast to show what I’m talking about.
(I’d like to do it on PC where I have 9 as well, but I’m locked down right now and only have my macbook). So it may take some days.
Thanks again for your reply!

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