What happened to the presets?

I think this has been asked before I just do not tremember where.

We have several projects that used track presets for example, a drum loop called ‘Funk City - drums 01’. I do not know where this used to be as it was in MediaBay when we imported it.

Since installing cubase 7 this loop and many others in other projects have disapeared. :unamused:

I previously thought that importing a loop into a project meant just that - into the project file.

It appears that in fact the loop is not imported, just referenced. :unamused:

We checked in the Pool and the file reference is ]???] soundframe:\[random blah]

Two questions:

  1. Where are they?

  2. What sort of system does Cubase use to make sure that an update does not wipe existing data?

Comment: I do not think I have caused this problem. What annoys me is that I have so many other things to do in the studio than having to run around fixing problems in Cubase. Getting grumpy in my youth… :exclamation:

is it “Drum Loop” ? I can only see this one from steinberg : Steinberg_Drum_Loop_Expansion_01
you can have it if you download the complete Cubase 7 Installer or if you have the complete DVD look into “Additional content” & “VST sound” !

Thank you for your reply.
Sorry but I do not quite undersatnd your reply.

This particular file is called ‘Funk City - drums 01’ and was an audio file.

Are you suggesting we may need to go back and reinstall the ‘Additional content’?


That the samples are not included (copied) to the project folder is explained in the Operation Manual - (I know how much you love PDFs :wink: ).
I assume these original samples were from a previous version of Cubase? Did you remove (Deinstall) the previous version.
Either copy the missing samples to your V7 referenced sample folder, or make media bay recognize the older folder in addition to the new one.

We just updated to c7. We did not remove any files.

We aslo fitted a new hard-drive and reinstalled windows recently so that may complicate issues.

Referenced sample folder? ok. But where do we find that? MediaBay has scanned a lot of files but there may be mre lurking. Just where would Cubase put them?

I repeat we did not actually uninstall anything and we have run all the Additional Content exe’s.

I guess I was hoping somebody might recognise the filename.

MediaBay has sequel content, User content, Loopmash content, etc…

Does anybody recognise ‘Funk city’?

Maybe it is not a cubase sample?

It does if you have the correct setting. :confused:

Not keeping notes on what was used and where it came from isn’t very good practice. Your sig says you’re the studio manager? :confused:

I am a patient man…
Thank you for your advice. I have thousands of prohects covering at last count five drives. Good practice?
Maybe I need a secretary? :slight_smile:

I’d opt for a better director.

I would probably do a file search under windows to find samples and their folders. I would then check to see if these folders are scanned in MB and add them if not, or I might move the files into another existing folder and then have MB rescan.