What happened to the Steinberg Library Manager?

It seems there was an update to the SLM in my recent absence. I suddenly discover that I can still choose/create a DEFAULT LOCATION, however, the VST Sounds were automatically installed on Drive C and the SLM will not use the alternate folder (exact same folder and files, btw) that I’ve setup. Instead, it sticks to the files in the Drive C folder. It completely ignores the folder I have created. Why is this? It didn’t behave like this before. The SLM does not accept the new location I have setup.

Any solution here? Thanks.

OK, I’ve sorted this quickly. I forgot that the SLM has this ‘thing’ where - if you’ve uploaded or moved a file into your aftermarket non-factory created folder, you have to right click on the file that you dropped into the new folder. This action basically refreshes the entire new folder and the VST sound files are then found by the various programs/instruments.