What happened to the Tempo input?

I’m almost certain the way the tempo input box works now is not the way it used to, but if that is a C10.5 thing or not I’m not sure of.
All I get is changed by integers ???
I try to fine tweak the tempo to align things the way I want them but I can no longer adjust the decimals other than typing them in, and that’s not an option if I can avoid it.
Either I’m just doing it wrong or there is a preference setting I unintentionally have changed via some KC without noticing, or Cubase has changed?

How do you fine tweak the tempo these days? :confused:

A reasonably consistent method to fine tune the Tempo via KCs or mouse in Cubase has been missing for quite some time. There is currently a mechanism in place to adjust 10ths and below…of sorts. Unfortunately the results are arbitrarily determined by the amount of resolution assigned to the function.

Hover over the Tempo digits and Option/Click/Drag the “fader” that pops up for tempo value changes. This mechanism is what passes as a rough fine tune. Option/Click-hold/release Option-press Shift/drag “fader” for finer random tuning.

That seems to be all there is, beyond direct text entry. This “fader” method, because of its unpredictable results, is about as medieval as a control in Cubase as I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, thanx, but I’ve tried that and then some hehe. It’s slightly different on PC but none of them is even close to good enough.
PC uses Alt where Mac uses Option in this case it seems, so both have two of these keys free, right.
Why not keep Option/Alt for the integer value, and add CTRL for the first decimal and SHIFT for the second and both for the third.
Then you can drag fast with great precision if you want to line up events on both musical mode and the other one I always forget what it’s called haha?
Linear!!! Linear and musical mode, stupid brain!

Yeah, mod keys for integer selection/scrolling would be an elegant solution. Didn’t it used to work like this in some much older versions of Cubase?