What happened to the track list divider?

I was looking at three strange dots at the top of the project window I haven’t seen before. Then I turned my head to the left and saw them in the Track List as well??? I turned to the right and … the Track List Divider was on as usual but … where is the border in the project so you can easily see what’s above and what’s below? Where? Nowhere?
Well, finally I see it. It’s the thin line with the three strange dots on. It’s so tiny it could almost be mistaken for an automation curve. why is that? Is there a setting for this I’ve poked around with and forgotten all about? I hope not it’s a “new feature”?


This is by design and it shows you, in which is the divided list is currently focus.

No. Not the vertical dots. I mean in the middle of the loooong horizontal line there are three dots. I just looked in the PDF RTFM and there is an image with a much wider divider there than I have so I feel a little divider envy? :face_holding_back_tears: :grin:


Any screenshot, please?

I opened Cubase again and … the Track List Divider looks kind of normal again! * sigh *
You may as well delete this topic if you wish to keep the background radiation down.
Thanks for your time anyway!