What happened to transport control in v10? Its awful vs 9.5

Look at the transport control in 9.5 - beautiful.
Look at the transport control in 10 - WTF?

Am I missing something? How do i get transport control that looks like 9.5 version?

Cubase 9.5 is really good and the workflow is great.
i think Cubase 10 is great with new things but they new to go back to 9.5. Cubase 10 needs to be more stable, i have problem with 3rd party plugins and the mediabay is not fast.

+1, and … Transport Panel (F2) “show all” wider than FHD screen

I totally agree with graphicguy77 - bring that good old transport bar from v.9.5 back!!!

Many complaints about the transport and a feature request has been posted.


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Good to see we’re not alone, but do we have to make a feature request for something that is technically broken existing functionality (i.e. was working fine up to C9.5)?

I would say yes… CB 10 is not technically broken. It is just designed differently than previous versions. I have come to expect good and bad design differences with each new version of CB and knowing this I take my chances to purchase the new version prior to Steinberg releasing a 30 day trial version.

BTW… I was just letting you know there is a feature request for a concern similar to yours. For me, I have no issue with the new transport design. I actually like it. Sorry.

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Hi All

I also prefer the new transport design, each to their own I suppose.

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Totally agree. Much clearer and smart in 9.5. Total waste of an employee’s time redesigning it

Old habits die hard, at first I wasn’t keen but now I have gotten used to it I prefer it. Give it a little time :slight_smile:

… no, it’s not about old habits, it’s actually broken: Transport Panel (F2) “show all” wider than FHD screen

Works perfectly for how I use it but I hope a future update resolves your issues.

Anybody know if some of these interface changes are due to the Yamaha buyout(I know it was years ago) and steiny finally getting around to recoding parts of Cubase which then becomes an excuse to change that part of the gui?

using a cc121 and a platform m+ for transport so dont really use the transport too much, but it looks fine, what exactly dont you like?

Yeah, to the OP and those that agree, some specifics as to what you don’t like about the new one versus the old one would be nice. Is it just the look of it? Or is there something functionally wrong with it?

Having everything on one line so that its too wide to fit on screen is just utterly ridiculous! How did this get approved??

Apart from not being able to access all the various controls and data in the new floating transport bar, I am also disappointed that the number of Marker points have been reduced - In 9.5 (and all previous versions) the Transport Bar held 15, (with the top menu having 10.)

in 10, there are only 8.

For me, this makes it much hardier to move around within a project.

the new one is like an ugly girl vs 9.5 like supermodel. pls fix it :slight_smile:

+1 It’s unusable, and also the new design makes it a lot harder to drag it around. You have a lot less available space to place your mouse to then move the transport bar. Please do something about it.

I personally have issues with the (Transport panel ) task(bars). It’s all ‘flat’ now. So no functions vertically like before. And I’m having a really hard time getting used to this because it doesn’t scale. If you enable all functions on your floating taskbar it’s like 1.5 24" wide. So besides the fact that it’s pretty much unworkable because I have to move my head all the time to see all the options on the bar it’s also awkward to place because it now seems to be in the way with something even more than before. I find myself moving it all the time or even switching it off some times! But at least you can fully view it if you’re using two screens!?

But the real frustration begins with the fixed upper and lower bars… They don’t scale at all! You can add all the options you want but once the width of one 24" screen is filled it just won’t scale and doesn’t show the additional options. So in order to see those you have to go into settings and remove some from the view to make room to display the others! A very stupid and annoying implementation!