what happened?

I am new to N5 from N4 and I love it. Just a problem that unfortunately for me is a very big one.
I noticed that the fonts in N5, especially the ones in the mixer inserts are all blurry.
Never had this problem with N4. I work on N4 for 8 hours a day without a problem. On N5 my eyes and my head are incredibly tired after just 2 hours.
I experienced a similar problem when I tried Reaper but never had this problem over the years with Steinberg Cubasesx3-4, WL5-6-7 and Nuendo4.
For me it is a very big deal!
Is anyone else experiencing this or is it just me?

I cannot say this is a problem for me.
Running XP/32 here still, and it’s very clean & clear.

Sounds like a system setting…

Thank you for the reply. But if it is a system setting, why I have this problem only with N5? And what can I change in my setting to make it better?

There was a huge outcry on the Cubase forum about this, and some people sort of hacked the fonts to make them readable. It might be worth doing a search of the Cubase forum for the details, or (possibly quicker) checking www.cubendo.com


Read in here http://www.cubendo.com/showthread.php?2184-Cubase-5.5-amp-Nuendo-5-Font-fix

Thank you very much Sam and DG. That should solve the problem.

It works! Great, feeling much better now. Thanks to everyone.

Glad to hear you are sorted :slight_smile: