What happens if I link my RME 1932 optically to my MR816csx?

Would it work? Would the MR understand it is being asked to be a superhero and take charge of that spritely little sound whippet? Could I set up a vst connection for it ? If so which one would I best use? Has anyone ever tried this? If so please do share any experience you might have and I shall return with my eager eyeballs!
Baz :slight_smile:

You can use different interfaces together, you would do it with ADAT.

So one interface could send 8 channels of audio to the other interface that has ADAT input.

You use one interface as a front end for the other interface which is connected to the computer.

That could add 8 more analog inputs through ADAT if you have the right hardware.

The RME would be in the computer and the other setup as a stand alone interface, if it can do that.