What happens to Cubase projects when you change your interface/mixer?

I currently run Cubase 11 on a Windows 10 laptop and I use a Zoom L-12 digital mixer/USB interface to connect guitars, mics etc to it for recording into the DAW.

I’m about to sell my Zoom L-12 to upgrade to a better mixer/interface, however I’m wondering what will happen to my DAW projects in Cubase when I connect a different USB interface/mixer to it? Will I still be able to use the Cubase projects ok? On each track in Cubase, the inputs and outputs are routed from and to the inputs/outputs on my Zoom L-12, so will the DAW get confused when I connect a new one, and will I have to re-route all the inputs/outputs again within Cubase?

It would be a shame to lose my hard work on song projects because of a mixer/interface upgrade.

You will have to reroute the hardware inputs and outputs. There is no way around that.
The routing/sends to groups, etc. inside your peoject will remain as they were.

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Yeah, it should pickup the main outputs so you wont have to worry about your main output bus, but any track inputs/ouputs from the units individual ins and outs will have to be rerouted as Tj99 said.

Just do one project, save the in and out Audio Connections as a preset, and then you can open up the rest and just apply the preset to it.

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I bring in projects every day that we’re created with a different interface and different control room settings. Usually the main out will map automatically to your new main out. What is a bit more ti e consuming is if lots of other routings are used. I get ones like that but just push everything to left.right then I may create groups and move to them. Easy though changing interfaces and all old projects will load.

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