What Happens to GA Expansion Licenses with the New Licensing System?

I read the FAQ and understand that most products (Cubase, Absolute, Wavelab) will get an updated version that will work with the new licensing system. I assume this means a major update to a new paid version, not a maintenance update.
But, what about products that we don’t expect to be updated to a new major version like the GA expansions?
Will we be able to migrate these licenses to the new system?
Perhaps they will receive a maintenance update to allow the migration?
Just wondering…

I also have the “Basic FX Suite” license that came with my UR44 on my eLicenser. Will I be able to migrate that?

Good question, but worst case scenario, the USB eLicenser will still allow these to run just as they do now.

I would hope that at the very least, all products that are in support will be migrated to the new system.

Yeah, I realize they will still work from the eLicenser but it would be very annoying if I had Cubase Pro and Absolute VST on the new licensing system but still had to use the dongle for a couple of “minor” items. The Basic Suite, I don’t really see myself using TBH but the GA expansions, I do.

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My understanding is that all products will eventually get migrated to the new system in the next couple of years, because there will be a point when the e-licenser system will cease to exist/be supported. So, while the main products will be migrated first, Expansions/VST Sound Sets will probably take longer. Until then everything will be as is for them.

But I am actually curious about plans for major upgrades to Groove Agent. Will we see Groove Agent 6 with the new licensing system or will it be migrated as Groove Agent 5 only?