What happens to the notes that cross the red line?

Do they go to note heaven? Is there a note heaven? If not then where do all the Longs go? Are they happy there? Why do I have a glowing diamond on my hand?

Totally loving the new insert modes folks, especially the “extend bar” mode which has already saved me so much work. Slightly afraid of pushing all those innocent notes into the red line of vaporisation by mistake. I dunno - perhaps they’re with my old cat on my uncle’s farm. Haven’t heard from him in a while…

(Sorry attempt at humourous praise - really do love the new insert mode)



I’ve heard tell they go to the heaviside layer, but that’s unconfirmed.


I did not know what that was until today! You’re a mine of information Lillie :slight_smile:

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You’re far too kind, that was a terrible Cats-reference primarily.

Oh right! Now I see - once more my intense early dislike of Lloyd Webber has led me a cropper (don’t ask)

And I was just going to say that it would be a Cat-astrophic fate for those disappearing notes.

(As you can see, I was out of town for a few days–last weekend :grimacing:-- and am gradually working through the screens and screens of messages I missed.)