what hardware do I need to record to my laptop

After reading some and looking online, I see that I either need to get an adapter and use a mic direct to my usb or get an audio interface that will let me set up a mic so I can then use cube base le to record my guitar work.

I was hoping that there was a way to just record my guitar direct using the laptops built in mic but it looks as though that isnt how it is done.

I want to record my parts as I write them for future reference and so I can convert them to audio files I can send to members of my band.
What is the least expensive way for me to set up to do that?

Also, I bought a Line 6 Spider V modeling amp that came with cube base le, the amp has xlr outs, both mono and stereo, I have used them at gigs and run direct to the board, is this a better way to record with this amp and cube base?

I am using this amp connected by usb to my pc anyway, and I had hoped that with that connection, I could capture my guitar direct, without having to buy any other hardware.
Is there a way to do that, or maybe to run the xlr outs to a usb adapter and have cube base le see that as an input?
If not I am assuming my best bet is to buy a cheap $100 audio interface that will let me connect a mic to it?

I really appreciate any help please, I am a noob to all this part, and really just want to record easily and quickly on my laptop, nothing fancy I dont plan to mix and put together songs etc… I just need an old school recorder but on my laptop.
Im running a Toshiba laptop running Win 10.

Any information would be great,

The cheapest way for an “old school recorder”…

Download and install the free Audacity software and the “LAME” mp3 encoder. Very simple and easy to use. Then just email the audio files to your band buddies.


If you are ever going to use Cubase for it’s purpose then yes, purchase an ASIO compliant audio interface at the cost commiserate with the quality level you want. IMO… even the less than $100 ones sound pretty good these days.

Regards :sunglasses: