What hardware should I use for Cubase 7 Artist?

I am going to build me a new pc only for Cubase.

What kind of cpu, hardisk and memory do I minimum need for Cubase 7 Artist ?
I have Ci2 Steinberg Soundcard.
I will use it just for hobby recording.

I was thinking about intel i7 3670/ AMD FX8350 cpu and 8/16 gig menory SSD disk and Win 7/Win 8!

Any suggestions?

Regards Ingar

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CPU - Intel (i5 or i7)

OS Drive - SSD (Intel or Samsung)

Cubase Projects Drive (highly recommended to keep your recording drive separate from your OS drive) - Western Digital Blacks are what I use. No “green” drives! You want maximum performance, not power savings.

Samples Drive? - If you use a lot of VST instruments with large sample libraries it is recommended to have these on a separate drive as well. SSD is nice for this use, but also quite expensive.

General Purpose “storage” Drive? - If you are running a fairly small capacity SSD as OS drive, you will probably want a drive just to put general files on, Cubase project backup files, maybe your Windows Media Player library, etc.

Motherboard - Gigabyte or ASUS. Don’t be cheap here!

RAM 8/16 - either, but from your “hobby recording” description I would guess 8 would be fine. I can’t really recommend a particular brand. I’ve had good luck with Corsair, G.Skill, and Crucial.

OS - Your choice. Windows 7 is proven, but I know people are using Windows 8 successfully with Cubase 7. I’ve never used Windows 8. 64-bit all the way, here.

That should get you started. Without knowing your budget and more specifics on your recording/mixing demands it’s hard to get into further details.

First of all, a big +1 to everything Scab Pickens said.

A good deal depends on how big and what type projects you are running, but here are minimum specs that I would recommend in any case.

RAM: at least 6GB for general purposes. If you are running several sample based VSTi’s it may be a good idea to start out with more, though most computers have extra RAM slots which will allow you to substantially expand your setup. Running 64 bit will allow you to access a lot more than a 32 bit system-I can testify!! Good thing that 32 bit systems are almost impossible to find these days.

HD: at least 7200 RPM (SSD recommended). Again this will depend on if you plan on streaming sample libraries. I know Seagate has a nice SSD-HDD hybrid unit for a very affordable price. The performance is a little under that of a legit SSD, but the price is way better.

Processor: at least an i5

OS: Win7 or Win8. If possible I would go with Windows 7, as the compatibility in general seems a little rough in some areas of Windows 8 for some reason.

There is some good info on the Steinberg site’s knowledgebase, in the DAW Components article. You will also find this in the forum Knowledgebase in my signature.

Ok thanks for good answers.
I think I go for 2 ssd disks, one for windows and one for cubase.
And 8 gig memory and I7 with asus mainboard.

It is cheap here in Norway compared to income.

Regards Ingar

One ssd you might want to consider is the OCZ vortex 3 series ,they run very well and give you the windows experience of 7.9 which is top marks . Ive been using them for about 6 months now and they run very very smooth and I can definitely recommend them :wink: