What hardware synth should I get?

Any advise is welcome.
I have narrowed my list of candidates down to:

Sequen­tial OB-6 (love the sound)
ASM Hydra­synth (love the possibilities in the polyphonic aftertouch, ribbon, and price)
Arturia Poly­B­rute (combination of the former two)

I’d advise you to check out Gearslutz for hardware advice as well. Synths are a hot topic in the Electronic Music forum.

Yes I could and will probably do that.
I’m just more interested in this community’s thoughts.

Hmm. My last hardware synth was a DX7, which I loved. I still use a software emulation of it from time to time. I did a whole piece using nothing but FM8 included in NI Komplete (DX7 emulation). The software emulation is truer to the original algorithm, but it doesn’t have the analog distortions. I suppose that is the point! I post stuff here that includes synths, but they are always digital implementations.

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Sequential OB-6 is $3000

For $1400 more I would maybe add Waldorf Quantum to the list to research since you’re open to digital with ASM Hydra… It doesn’t have a ribbon, but it does have Polyphonic AT. Supposedly they were going to add MPE support but it hasn’t happened yet.

But all in all, I would say, Sequential… Great synth from a great history from two guys of a few more, that really helped start it all

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One thing that I did not really consider is the ability to use the keyboard as a main master keyboard…
And then I watched a video on the Modal Cobalt8x.
Every controller sends out midi CC, and even different CC when there is dual functions on a knob. Having those clearly labeled knobs would be a game changer for how I use/control VSTi’s . And it has a nice Fatar keybed. And leaves me money for a bunch of VSTi, and a mono synth or two. OK I think I need to look at my options and setup, and find out what makes most sense and putting my gear lust aside. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your inputs.

Ended up with the Modal Cobalt8x and a Eventide Blackhole for some ambient goodness.
My Waldorf Blofeld fits perfectly in size on the Cobalt8x and gives me two synts in a very compact package .
Going to add the Arturia V collection 8 for some more classic sounds. Once I have grown tired of making new patches on the Cobalt8.
That is really where it shines, it is very easy to make new sounds from scratch on the Cobalt8.
Sorry don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but this synth really got my creative juices flowing.